The bicycle is the inspiration and the canvas that Wills Kinsley uses to make both whimsical and functional objects in hopes of giving you that feeling of riding a bike for the first time all over again. Born and raised in central New Jersey Wills has been repairing, riding, racing and ripping apart all manner of velocipedes for as long as he can remember. Trained as a mechanic at bike shops in NJ, Massachusetts, and New York he has worked on everything from the finest race machines to the rustiest 10 speed clunker. While studying Appropriate Technology at Hampshire College, he built and operated On A Roll Bike Shop, a bike-pulled shop cart built from recycled materials that provided free community bicycle education. Wills works as a custom sign maker, bicycle maintenance instructor and is a member of  the urban arts non-profit SAGE Coalition. In the process of re-cycling the forgotten and forlorn, he hopes to create objects reborn to serve a purpose as noble as their original function.