In 1996, American sculptor Robert Cannon began creating a body of work with the goal of reconnecting physical nature and modern culture that he called Terraforms. The Terraforms are living sculptures that integrate inhabitable landscapes with man made forms and systems. In 2012, expanding his sculpture practice and furthering his passion  for great design, he incorporated Opiary, as his design studio. Opiary works within the parameters of industrial design, architecture, landscape, and  fine art. Collaborating with top stores, designers, architects, and fine craftsmen, Opiary is dedicated to producing signed small batches of  hand made terraformed products with an extreme attention to detail.

All the pieces are hand built of strong weather resistant materials and filled with soil, plants, and can have built in irrigation systems. The pieces come in various finishes: airplane grade aluminum, portland cement or anthracite cement. The studio has been very busy in its first year. In addition to filling orders for the Ursuline line, 2013 also includes a brand new Terrain collection of larger plant containers for gardens and roof terraces and is now launching a Terraformed Queen Anne Line of furniture.

Opiary wants to Terraform the designed world.