Dean RAS Innocenzi

As a child RAS was always drawing and creating rare art. Throughout his youth, RAS nurtured his art talent on his own, and in school, studying under artists like Dr. Robert O’Boyle and Mel Leipzig.

In 2007 RAS began working at a local Trenton company called TerraCycle. TerraCycle turned out to be a legal graffiti spot, where local artists are allowed to paint the building. This is where RAS began to meet all the local graffiti artists. RAS first bonded with artist ENOS and they formed graffiti crew 420 Kings. ENOS and RAS were doing a lot of graffiti for over a year, until they were caught by local authorities.

This arrest proved to be a blessing in disguise for RAS, as it was only after being caught bombing, that RAS began to paint a lot at TerraCycle where he was able to really train and perfect his skills with teaching from fellow artist MEK.

Since then RAS has never looked back keeping his art very rare. RAS specializes in semi realism, painting many portraits and nudes.