Lora Marie Durr is a resident of Chesterfield Township working as an artist-educator with middle school students in Mercer County, NJ since 2001.   Lora earned her Bachelor of Arts from Rowan University and her Master of Arts in Art Education from Boston University.  In addition to studying art education, Lora has formally studied architecture, industrial design, printmaking, painting, ceramics, book arts, photography, and mixed media arts over the past 18 years.

Lora presented a solo exhibition of paintings and mixed media pieces at Rowan University in 2000.  She has created murals in public and private spaces, including a large-scale collaborative mural at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital at Hamilton.  Lora has also facilitated numerous public art projects within the halls of the middle school where she is employed.  The creation of collaborative public art pieces has become a driving force behind her teaching practice.
Lora’s love of art making was encouraged from an early age, enrolling in art lessons at the Firehouse Gallery in Bordentown, NJ.  Under the guidance of the gallery’s original owner, Juanita Crosby, Lora began to understand the importance of color in art making.  Through her subject matter and technique choices, her art draws inspiration from childhood and the rural setting in which she was raised.  Natural elements, such as flora and the atmosphere, have served as muses for Lora’s love of color.  The impact of light source and time of day allow the artist to explore the role of color as it interacts with our environment.

See more of Lora’s work: www.loramariedurr.com