Community Supported Agriculture has been around for years, helping small farmers prosper while giving shareholders fresh, healthy, local produce. Now Community Supported Art is gaining a foothold across the country using the same model. Invest in a share upfront, then collect an array of limited edition art created especially for you.

Our CSA benefits Trenton-area artists by putting money in their pockets and introducing them to art-loving prospective patrons. It benefits you by giving you original art at a very reasonable price and introducing you to the people who made it, enriching your home and your lives.

Why Community Supported Art for Trenton?

As artists, Trenton Community Supported Art founders Lauren Otis and Andrew Wilkinson have been witnesses to, and participants in, the rich creative ferment taking place in Trenton in recent years. Trenton is a small, economically depressed city, with well-documented problems, but creatively it is rich and flowering, with events such as Art All Night, Art All Day, Jersey Fresh Jam, Windows of Soul, and a whole new generation of artists, arts collectives and creative boosters.

With many accomplished and worthy, but still emerging, artists and very little in the way of galleries or other venues to support and nurture them, Otis and Wilkinson felt the model of a CSA — with it’s local focus, connective dynamic and concrete benefits accruing to both artist and art buyer – was perfect for Trenton. They hope that in some small way Trenton CSArt will be another tool helping Trenton artists and art patrons renew and rebuild the city through creativity.

How Can You Help?

Consider purchasing a share in Trenton Community Supported Art. The Trenton-based arts collective Otis and Wilkinson co-founded, takes a modest 15 percent fee to administer the Trenton CSArt).

Talk us up. Tell your family, friends, artist buddies, the art lovers in your life. Point them to this web site. And, suggest artists you know, of all disciplines, who might like to participate in producing work for a share.

We look forward to working with you on making Trenton Community Supported Art a success!

Lauren Otis, Andrew Wilkinson

750 Cass Street
Trenton, NJ 08611